Fire Hose Reels

Hose ReelFire hose reels in the workplace are far less common as they were years ago as suppression systems and portable fire extinguishers are often a preferred option, having the reels in place also requires staff to be trained in their use. A number of buildings such as office blocks and theatres and car parks do still have fire hose reels in place and in premises such as papermills or recycling centres they are hugely important so they still have a firm place in the fire safety sector.

MJ Fire Safety provide a comprehensive fire hose reel service. Our accomplished, IFEDA trained technicians provide annual servicing and testing in accordance BS EN 671 -1: 2012. We are able to carry out installation of new fire hose reels and replacement of old fire hose reels. We also provide a fire hose reel de-commissioning service where by we can remove, cap off and dispose of fire hose reels and fit replacement cover in the form of portable fire extinguishers.

All persons employed at commercial and industrial premises with fire hose reels must be trained in the use of the first aid fire fighting appliances, for more information or to book your fire hose reel service or training please call MJ Fire Safety on 0800 027 2480.