In 2006 our founder Michael Chapman overheard his then boss say when referring to a fellow engineer, ‘I dont remember names, I only remember figures’.  What he actually meant was that he didn’t care about the workforce, only the income for him that they generate. That income was based on service engineers often working long hours within a high pressure sales environment.  The only real winners were the share holders and certainly not the employees or the clients.

Celebrating Ten Years

On the 16th July 2007 our company was born and high pressure sales, commission based servicing and exploitation of clients requirements were to be a thing of the past.

With a recent change in fire legislation in the form of the regulatory reform fire safety order, a fresh approach to fire safety in the workplace was deemed necessary. A new precedence was put in place where customers were dealt with, with honestly and integrity.  Additionally engineers felt content and comfortable in the knowledge that they had a job to do and that it could be done properly without huge pressure of pushing sales where not necessary just to meet to their targets.

Ten years ago we started life as a simple dry riser and fire extinguisher company with nothing but an idea and a passion for service.  Now we celebrate a decade in the industry and our brand & excellent reputation speaks for itself. We offer a high standard of service in numerous area’s of the fire safety sector.  MJ Fire’s services are sought throughout the Southeast and further afield.

Our little start-up now employ’s eighteen staff and even has a sister company to boot. Our fire extinguisher and dry riser departments continue to do well.  The fire alarm department is pushing the standards of service delivery to even greater heights and our fire door business is doing tremendously well.

There are no numbers at MJ Fire Safety, just respected and valued staff and well treated clients.

Throughout the month of July we will be celebrating our ten years of business.  If you are an existing client, we want you to pop by and help celebrate.  If you’re not already a client we want to see you too.


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