Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk ChecklistFire Risk Assessment

In 2006 the government implemented the regulatory reform fire safety order, this piece of legislation made it compulsory for all premises with the exception of private dwellings to have a fire risk assessment in place. MJ Fire Safety understand the importance of ensuring the fire risk assessments are suitable and sufficient. Failure to have or act on a fire risk assessments significant findings can result in prosecution and many have fallen victim to losses which could have been avoided or minimised had a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment been carried out.

Fires ruin lives and businesses, as a responsible person in charge of a commercial business or residential premises with common parts you are required to have a fire risk assessment in place, if your business employs five or more people the significant findings of the fire risk assessment should be recorded however without a written copy it would be near impossible to prove you have a fire risk assessment so we would advise all businesses to record the assessment, even those with less than 5 employees.

Fire risk assessments should be carried out by a competent person, there is little point in sending a fire risk assessor that specialises in residential blocks to assess the fire safety on a power station, MJ Fire Safety have independent fire risk assessors to provide expert advice and assessments to businesses in all sectors.

Fire Risk Assessment Compliance Service

MJ Fire Safety offer a one stop shop to help you implement the additional control measures highlighted on your fire risk assessment action plan, if you have a fire risk assessment in place but you require guidance and help fulfilling the requirements it has brought to light then give our fire risk assessment compliance team a call today. We have years of experience in this field and are comfortable working alongside fire risk assessors to ensure you and your business is kept compliant.